2018 March Special Early Morning Prayers Rally and Seminar for Global Church Leaders

Myungsung Presbyterian Church, South Korea.

2018 March Special Early Morning Prayers Rally and Seminar for Global Church Leaders (March 1st– 5th 2018).

Rev.Frans I. Sianipar, MTh

Early Morning Prayer at a Glance.

Since 1980, when Rev. Sam-Whan Kim (the founder) started this church’s ministry, “Early Morning Prayer” has been served until now (38 years) as the way how to experience God’s Grace for God’s amazing providence always remains. Sunday is not enough, so everyday must be considered as God’s day in which Christians lift the Myung (voice) up to God as prayers and praises. When many people are still sleeping, Christians have been nourished by the Grace of God and start life in the power of Word of God. Recently, this church serves 4 times (05.00 a.m; 06.00 a.m; 07.00 a.m; 8.30 a.m) morning prayers from Monday to Saturday.

Rev. Sam-Whan Kim, faithfully, testified that this Early Morning Prayer has been making this Church growing and developing as we can see today particularly for the mission. Currently, Myusung Church provides full sponsorship 104 commissioned missionaries in 31 different countries, and also supports associate missionaries, apprenticeship missionary program and local church planting pastors. In addition, in domestic missions, this church also performs outreach mission as: to farming and fishing village, church planting, medical mission, scholarship programs, military

and police mission, to the disabled, prison, diaspora mission and feeding homeless people, etc. Msungsung Christian Medical Center and Msungsung Medical College is strongly contributing to medical mission in Ethiopia; Myungsung Christian Well has been bringing drinking water to the communities in Ethiopia. In Cambodia, this Church has established an orphanage, nursing home and elementary school. In Pakistan, schools and seminaries have been established as well to reach people through education.


Annually, this church holds Special Early Morning Prayer Rally and Celebration in March and September. Overseas Church Leaders are invited to join this occasion and together do pray and experience God. As the new Senior Pastor Rev. Kim Hana said that life is only about God, so we should experience God in our life. For this March occasion, we are invited to join this blessed rally; we came from some different countries such as Indonesia, USA, India, Nepal, Ethiopia, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Russia. We joined the early Morning Prayer every day before we started the seminar. This special prayer was attended by 7000 members in each session (4 sessions). We did feel amazed to notice the enthusiasm of the members to join this early Morning Prayer since people are so challenged to get up earlier in the morning.



The Seminar committee arranged the seminar with sightseeing tour. We got 2 seminar everyday and sightseeing tour to see the Seoul City and some religious and cultural places in South Korea, even to the South-North Korea border. Through the seminar, we learned the “Meosum (doulos: slave) leadership”, “Only God Perspective” and “Seven Years as One Day” from the former Senior Pastor Rev. Sam Whan Kim in his presentation “Myungsung Church Missions and Ministry”; and The Pastoral Theology as well. This seminar was continued with the “History of the growth of Myungsung Church” and “Myungsung Church Sunday School Program”. Rev. Kim Hana shared us the secret of the ministry, as the Presbyterian Church, the church keep the church doctrine pure, in the same way, the church never change the doctrine even though world rapid change is so challenged; but this church is open-minded to innovate the Worship Liturgy with the new way how to worship God. This significant perspective is accepted by young members (youth and teenager group).


On Sunday 4th March, we attended the Sunday Services and continue to Indonesia service. But, before attending the worship, we visited the Myungsung Church Museum where we were informed about the Myungsung Church history through story and pictures. This woman is pointing at her name written on the wall in Museum as a result of 1000 times joining the Early Morning Prayer. She is one of thousands believers who reach that goal.   


The Power of Early Morning Prayer

Moses (Ex.24:1-11), Ezra (Neh.8:1-18) and Jesus (Mrk 1:35; Luk.6:12,13) did do the Early Morning Prayer in their ministry. This kind of prayer exercises the members’ spirituality in God, so they may start their day with the Word of God. Early in the morning is the perfect time to pray before God. Eventually, the members are longing to join this prayer every day. I have already witnessed the power of Early Morning Prayer in Myungsung Church, so we may do this as one of innovated ministry in our church. May God bless all ministries around the world. ***



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